Seed Money for Self-Reliance

Meet one of our 2019 seed grant recipients, Muy Salsas!
Director Maura Taylor presents a seed grant for startup costs of Muy Salsas, a new taco company in Los Alamos.

Seed money grants help low-income individuals and families to initiate or repair a small business, begin job training or start other projects that will enable financial self-reliance. Self Help, Inc. seed money grants have helped Espanola baker Margarita’s Cakes, supplied equipment for freelance photographer Liz Gold, and helped Amy Quirke of the Intergalactic Bread Company expand her production. Applications may also be submitted on behalf of a cooperative, such as the High Road Marketplace, for whom Self Help purchased gallery equipment.

Grants are relatively small, paid directly to vendors as directed by the applicant, and are provided on a one-time basis.

Learn More and Apply:

Only households within 165% of the Federal Poverty Guideline are eligible to apply for this program. Current guidelines are available here.

For further questions about the Seed Money Program, contact