Legacy Giving

Donors who want to make a lasting impact can identify Self Help as a beneficiary in their will! Simply talk to your estate planner about adding us to your estate plan.

Tax ID Number/EIN: 85-0209449

Are we in your plan? Let us know!

While you’re not required to notify us that you’ve included us in your legacy giving, we would love to know so that we can thank you! As a legacy donor, you’ll receive invitations to donor appreciation events, updates about the good work you’re supporting, and a symbolic gift as an emblem of our gratitude. We’re so grateful to have you!

Contact our director at 505.662.4666, director@selfhelpla.org, or via our contact form to inquire about legacy giving or notify us of your intention to give.

“Nobody helped us until you helped us, and now I know we’ll be okay … We really can’t thank you enough.”

-From a family who lost their breadwinner in a terrible car accident. We kept them from losing their home.